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Pristine Lettings offer superior management services to landlords who want a truly hands off, hassle free management experience. We are experts in young professionals property management and serviced accommodation.

If you are looking to achieve a higher rental income, better security and quality full property management services for free, then you are in the right place!

We proudly help landlords to turn their homes and properties into profitable, secure and totally hands-off hassle-free investments.

We offer high quality managed properties to high profile young professionals and serviced accommodation to holiday-makers and professionals. From short term stays to long term relocation, we are the one-stop solution for our landlords, tenants and corporate customers.

Watch how it works


Watch how it works

Higher Rental
Income Guaranteed

No commissions. No arrears.
No voids. No repair costs.

On average our landlords
achieve an extra income of £3,525 per year.


Achieve higher rents, better security, quality full management, and a complete hands-off hassle-free lettings experience.

From short to long term, we have the right solution for
homeowners, buy-to-let and HMOs landlords.

Our services

Do you need our services?

  • If you want to get higher rental income and skip the hassle of managing a property and the uncertainty it goes along with it
  • If you are tired of dealing with tenants or problems at the house
  • If you'd like to enjoy the capital growth of your properties and spend more time with your family
  • If you're worried a tenant trashes your house and causes 100's of pounds worth of damage
  • If you're worried how to cover the mortgage payments when you get a void period or when a tenant defaults

THEN, contact us today!
We would be delighted to help you achieve your goals.

Pristine Lettings will handle all the repairs and management, leaving you to collect a guaranteed net profit every month.

On average our landlords achieve an extra income of £3,525 per year.

Rent your property with us and

Kiss High Street hassle goodbye!

  • No voids
  • No arrears
  • No repair costs
  • No maintenance costs
  • No fees, commissions or hidden extras
  • Guaranteed rental income
  • Full management service free
  • High calibre professional tenants
  • We offer a FREE insurance cover for all internal maintenance works including boiler, electrics and plumbing (conditions apply)
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Up to £5,000 paid by us to refurbish

and decorate your property if required

Better properties

We are specialists in higher quality accommodation

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  • Pristine Lettings is proud to specialise in the refurbishment and management of higher quality accommodation for young professionals and travellers thru our serviced accommodation services. The high standard we achieve means our properties are the first choice for tenants, every time.

  • Our properties range from Studio apartments with en-suite facilities to our bigger 9 bed homes with great designs and furniture. And if you're concerned your property isn’t quite at these standards, don’t worry, we can help in the most cost effective ways to make sure it is.

We’ll make sure your property is the number 1 pick for tenants, every time!

Better tenants

We attract smart young professionals

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  • We let exclusively to high profile professionals in full time employment who are looking to rent premium quality rooms.

    We specially assist young international doctors, dentists, nurses, sollicitors, engineers, architects, managers, and other professionals who are, or not part of a company-sponsored relocation program.

    Most of them come to us via the corporate partners for whom we provide relocation services.

  • Our sister company, Blue Bell, provides global mobility services to some of the largest companies in the United Kingdom. For more information, please visit

    Our quality tenants and customers love our properties because they are in a pristine condition, beautifully decorated, cleaned and looked after. Most importantly, they enjoy taking care of them to keep them in the same way.

Our customers and tenants come from

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On Your side

What Pristine Lettings does offer you?

As landlords ourselves, we know what's important to you.
Over the years, we have created the ideal property management service where every one wins,
the landlords, the tenants and us.

Guaranteed Icon

We guarantee your rent

Your rent is guaranteed by contract for the duration that is most suitable to you, from 6 months to 10 years. We pay your rent every single month regardless of whether the property is full or not. You have complete peace of mind. No more voids again.

Property Icon

We'll transform your property into beautifully decorated quality accommodation, if required

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With your approval, we'll gladly refurbish your property to give it the fresh look our professional tenants and guests expect to have. We’ll do this at our own expense. However, we may ask for a contribution from you for certain upgrades, which are negotiable, such as safety features. Any upgrade contribution can be financed by us and taken away from the rent to you in instalments. And of course, anything we do for you, will add at least that amount, if not more, to the value of your house, so anyway so you can’t lose.

Up to £5,000 paid by us to refurbish and decorate your house

Flexible Commitment Terms Icon

We offer you flexible commitment terms

We do understand life can bring sometimes unexepected changes, that's why we do not force you to enter into lengthy commitments. You can have your property back whenever you need it. No questions asked.

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Property Care Icon

We care for your property

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Our properties are beautifully maintained and carefully managed and inspected on a weekly basis. Each week our cleaner will clean all communal areas and ensure that any tenant or maintenance issues are spotted early and rectified.

This keeps your property clean and prevents problems such as mould, deterioration of kitchen, carpets, gardens, etc. Our gardener will keep your front and back gardens in tip top condition!

No more damage. No more tenant calls late at night or over the weekends.
House Icon
Special Offer Transparent logo British Gas logo

We will repair and maintain your house for free

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Any internal damage, or maintenace, found during our weekly inspections, will be paid by us and normally repaired within 24 hours, unless a new part is needed.

In addition to the internal maintenance, we are now proud to go the extra mile and offer you the British Gas Home Care 400 cover including the electrics, boiler, central heating, drains, annual service and gas certificate!

More money in your pocket, less time out of your social life dealing with issues.

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Bill Icon

We pay all the bills

You don’t need to worry about any bills or about hanging for hours over the phone to open, close, change or rearrange utility bills. When you work with us, we pay all the bills. You get paid. That simple.

Property Care Icon

We attract high profile professionals

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We let exclusively to high profile professionals in full time employment who are looking to rent premium quality rooms.

We specially assist young international doctors, dentists, nurses, sollicitors, engineers, architects, managers, and other professionals who are, or not part of a company-sponsored relocation program.

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International Icon

We provide international tenant referencing

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All of our tenants are fully vetted and referenced with previous landlords, employers and credit checks.

The referencing for our international tenants is carried by our multi-cultural friendly staff that speaks over 10 languages all combined. Using the tenant's native language, we directly call and writte to their previous landlords and employers. We also make sure their financial situation allows them to afford the expensive costs of an international relocation and that’s why their employers usually become their sponsors and corporate guarantors. We also secure a deposit directly from the tenant and protect it in the Governement Scheme.

Diamond Icon

We guarantee you minimum wear and tear!

With quality tenants and regular inspections, cleaners and gardeners, we take care of your property for you in such a way that you don’t have to worry about wear and tear, we also replace any furniture or items that do get damaged right away.

Time Back Icon

We give you time back

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Organising viewings, maintenance, finding lost keys, arbitrating disagreements over heating, tv and bills is time consuming.

We have implemented a series of good practices and processes that allow us to deal with all the aspects of proerty and tenant management in a very smooth way thru real time maintenance reporting. The tenants also receive a booklet with 24 hour emergency numbers inside as well as a guide which explains what to do in an emergency situation and the rules of the house. We also have a 24/7 on-duty staff member for emergency situations.

Simply let

Jump straight to peace of mind

Simply let
  • Spent £1300 to repaint all the stained internal walls because the tenant heavily smoked inside the house
  • Listed for 8 weeks. The house was over valued by the letting agent to gain instruction. Asking price reduced 3 times
  • Let in 1 day, at a guaranteed rent for 3 years
  • The boiler is broken again!
  • Spent £1050 to replace the carpet after the tenant "forgot" to tell he had a couple of cats
  • Let agreed fell through after multiple viewings and negotiations
Better Offer

Get an offer that reflects what you've put in

Tell us about your property and what makes it unique.
What have you upgraded? What needs work? We’ll take all that into account, along with neighborhood data
and recent nearby house lets, and make you a competitive offer, usually at market price or above.
Then we'll call you to talk it through.

Better offer list
The cost of lettings

The cost of letting your property can vary dramatically
whether you do it yourself or use a letting agent.

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Landlord’s calculator

Try out the cost calculator to find out how much extra income you could be making

You will be suprised
How It Works
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  • With the Guaranteed Rent service Pristine Lettings becomes your ideal tenant

    We are landlords ourselves and we look after our landlord's properties as if they were ours.

    If your property is in need of a refurbishement we will spend our own money to bring it up to the high quality standards we are well known to provide, adding value to your property.

    To keep this quality standards high all the way along, we will spend our own money to maintain your property, conduct weekly inspections, keep it well cleaned and gardened, repair any eventual damages and even improve the condition of your property with your authorization.

    Your property becomes a hands-off and hassle-free investment, where you can save on expensive letting agency fees and commissions.

    Your rental incomes goes up while your hassles go down.

  • Any Size. Any Condition. Any Term.

    From small units to large HMO’s, our business model allows us to manage properties of any size and condition for short or long terms.

    We mainly develop thru word of mouth

    We have exceptional rates of success and reliability and we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding quality service. Our customers spread the word for us and they keep telling us that we are the best agent they have ever worked with. Our average review is 5 out 5 stars and our tenants and landlords alike love what we do. In fact, to this day, we have never lost a landlord to another lettings agency yet!

    State of the art technology and knowledge

    We manage dozens of houses every month and have extensive knowledge of the lettings market and regulations, providing you total peace of mind.


What our landlords have to say

Michael Davis
“I am kept well informed of all matters relating to the property, and Jean always goes the extra mile to resolve any issues that may arise. I have no hesitation in recommending Pristine Lettings, as they are the best management and letting agency that I have used during my time as a landlord"Michael Davis,
Michael Davis
Alice and Paul
"Before working with Pristine Lettings I was constantly at the property fixing issues most the times the tenants caused. Now, since they took over I can finally enjoy more time with my family and grandchildren"Alice and Paul May
(Clifton, Bristol)
Glen and Mia
"Pristine Lettings carry out a professional service with a very personable and diligent approach. Letting properties in Bristol whilst living in London could have been an issue for me, but Pristine Lettings made sure everything was taken care of in a very attentive and efficient way I would have no hesitation at all in recommending their services."Glen and Mia Jones
Glen and Mia
Helen Rothwell
"I was already with 6 weeks of void when I found out about Pristine Lettings. I received an excellent, professional service from Jean and Arnaud when looking to rent out my property; the whole process was hassle-free and far quicker than I expected. The next day I signed the contract and since then I don’t worry about voids anymore. Very happy with the guaranteed rent scheme”Helen Rothwell
Next steps
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Step 1:

You, the landlord will rent your property to US for a period of 1 to 7 years using a "Management Agreement". The rent is GUARANTEED for the full period and you are charged NO FEES by us at all! We don’t even charge you the typical £200 a year fee for the rent guarantee, when we say no fees, we really mean NO FEES.
And this is where your part in the process ends! It’s completely hands off and hassle free for you.

Step 2:

We (The company) would then spend anywhere from £2,000 to £5,000 decorating and furnishing your property as well as other upgrades and improvements at our OWN cost. You do not get charged a penny for this home upgrade service because we make our money back in the long run.

Step 3:

We contact our database of local high profile companies around Bristol (who we already have agreement’s in place to provide accommodation to their employees.) We then await feedback and conduct viewings for these professional workers and rent out the rooms taking a fee for offering such high end accommodation (this is how we are able to spend so much on your property, we make our investment back over time through the fees and increased rent we make from our clients).

Step 4:

The tenants move in and everyone is happy! The TENANT wins, they have a great room in a beautiful house, WE win, because we make a profit on the rooms each month and YOU, the LANDLORD wins as you have a guaranteed rent and a free refurbishment to you property! It’s aWIN-WIN-WIN deal as opposed to the normal Letting Agent LOSE-WIN-LOSE deal!

Step 5:

repairs! (excluding structural & external maintenance, which we will take care of for you if needed, and let you know of the repair costs prior to work commencing.) As a side note, our tradesman are the best around and we are able to negotiate very low rates due to the quantity of work we give them.
Throughout the agreement, we maintain your home to a very high standard, with fresh painting and decorating done regularly, we also employ a regular weekly cleaner and conduct weekly maintenance inspections as well as a monthly 77 point full inspection on your home.

Step 6:

At the end of the agreement, you would then receive your property back in a far better condition than when you started. And that’s it. It’s as simple as that!

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Do you have a property to rent in Bristol?
Do you want to make more money and achieve higher security from your investments?

We have investment capital ready to upgrade your premises and high-calibre, fully vetted tenants ready to move in.
Contact Pristine Lettings today to find out how we can help you get more from your property.

Our tenant waiting list is 3 months long and counting!

Call us now at 0117 214 1230 to arrange a viewing or send us a message