FAQs from Letting Agents

How does it work ?

When renting thru an agent, Pristine Lettings directly rents the property and becomes the tenant. You get a rent guarantee for up to 10 years. We then refurbish the property into very high standard accommodation suitable for our professional clients. Finally we handle the management and maintenance of the property for the duration of the agreement.

Do you always refurbish the properties?

Depending on the property, we can send our team in to refurbish the property at no cost for the landlord (we typically spend between £3000 and £5000). If no refurbishment is required we still redecorate the property throughout and buy good quality furniture. We transform properties into very high standard accommodation required by our professional clients. We take care as well of every legislative aspect of renting, from fire alarms and safety inspections to licensing and amenity standards. At the end of the agreement, you receive the property back in a better condition than when we started, as we also need to maintain the property in mint condition for our professional relocation services.

What sort of agreement do you use?

We typically use a commercial lease and become the tenant. A non-circumvent clause is signed by Pristine Lettings for the peace of mind to our letting agent partners. The option of using another company structure to sign the contract is also available. Indeed, we believe that the relationship you have built with your landlords should always stay the same during and after the contractual agreement with us, regardless whether Pristine rents or not the property. We respect you. We believe in building a loyal relationship that will mutually benefit us in the long run.

What names are on the contract and is it an AST contract?

Pristine Lettings is effectively the long-term tenant. We typically use a Company Let agreement, so our company name will be on the agreement. If you do not have a template for your agency, we are happy to provide our standard agreement that is widely used.

Is this subletting?

No. Pristine does not have an AST with the owner of the property. The standard Company Let contract that we use has been drawn up by a property solicitor for this purpose.

We provide a full property management service for the landlord. How does it work in this scenario?

We pay for maintenance ourselves as part of our service to our professional clients. Your management fees stay the same.

Are the tenants all professionals?

Yes, only high end full time professionals. We strictly do not work with DSS, unemployed, part-time workers or students.

Who manages your professional clients during the tenancy?

Our Account Managers handle our tenants and liaise with the Agent if needed.

Do you charge Agents or landlords any fees/costs for this service?

No, we do not charge any fees or costs – ever.

So how does Pristine make profits?

We provide large companies with flexible and premium accommodation. This enables us to charge a mark-up for each of our tenants. Therefore, you benefit from a guaranteed rental income long-term.

What if Pristine has a void period?

You still receive the full rent, regardless.

What properties and terms does Pristine look for?

We look for 3 – 5 bed houses or flats in an easily commutable location. We typically lease properties between 3 – 5 years

How do we know the property will be kept to good standards?

We can only provide premium quality accommodation to our clients. In order to keep our relationship with them, we must keep the property in an excellent condition.

If my landlord or I would like to conduct inspections, is this permitted?

Certainly, just give us 24 – 48 hours notice like a normal tenancy, and we will be more than happy for you to inspect.

Can Pristine provide references or property tours?

Of course we can provide contact details or tours, so you can see first-hand how well we keep our properties.